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Medical Office 


Beverly Hills

March 2017

A 70’ style office space with an odd floor layout has been transformed into a sophisticated, modern and top of the line boutique medical office in Beverly Hills, CA.


In2designla was hired to design the office from the ground up to create an open and functional floor plan, to select all the finishes and to incorporate every intricate detail to be consistent with the overall branding strategy of the client.

We invested all our attention to apply to every aspect of the design: from lighting, to custom cabinetry down to the esthetics of the sanitizer bottles and business card holders.

Nothing was left behind during the design process.


The effect has been remarkable on both doctors and patients who have continuously commented on how amazing the office makes them feel just by being there. Our client communicated to us that they feel that the healing process starts the moment the patient steps into the office. Best compliment ever.


Photos by Erik Borzi.

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