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We are a boutique design firm, offering a full range of  interior design services: from large scale remodel to remote design of room makeovers.

We work closely with our clients in a creative and shared process of realizing any vision by carefully listening to their needs, and then implementing personalized, informed, creative solutions that are meant to last.









What We Do

More About Our Services

Space Planning 


With any architectural space, there can be hundreds of different variations and options on what one can do within it. Whether it’s to open up the existing area with a breath of fresh air, augment lighting, control ambience, spruce up the color, enhance a specific design identity, or to create moods, the applications to a given interior will inform and shape your ultimate goals and wishes.

By carefully analyzing your interior spatial areas, in2designla will develop layouts for new or existing furniture, as well as offer options for specific design touches that can enhance and bring out the space you have in mind.

With proper space planning, a room will transform into the very vision and potential that was imagined, and create a living, working space that meets your discerning requirements.

3D Modeling


Floor plans and elevations often lack in conveying the feeling of a space, but photo-realistic 3D renderings help immensely to visualize it. in2designla utilizes computer-generated designs that enable clients the ability to see and “feel” the spaces they’re looking for, along with all the details and interior design touches one would expect (textures, materials, floor applications, and furniture).ext.

As a part of the in2designla process, all clients are given renditions in 3D space, allowing for greater experimentation of concepts, making the decision-making process infinitely smoother and extremely flexible.

Color Consultation


Paint and wallpaper applications are a critical part in creating dramatic change in any space, whether to revitalize, camouflage, or accent. By virtue of this one aspect, color and material-use on the walls shape the atmosphere of a room, establishing a symbiotic relationship within the space and its components, ultimately accenting it with personalized, evocative style.

Furniture and Accessories Selection


If the walls and colors of an architectural space are the body, then the furniture and accessories that go within that space are its soul. Selecting pieces that evoke the proper feelings, textures, and harmony of any architectural space are key in completing a holistic interior.

in2designla takes pride in its ability in selecting and offering harmonious and evocative solutions for the “soul” of any space. Whether it’s a large corporate office or a home, in2designla incorporates its unique and informed vision on every project.

With a keen ear and ability to understand client needs, balanced with an equally keen awareness of design to produce creative, personalized solutions, in2designla provides a powerful design sense and sensibility to bring out the soul of any space.


Reach out to schedule a complimentary 30 minute discovery call to discuss your project!

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